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My Skin Care Routine + Tips

I'm a total skincare freak! I have skincare products at home, on the go, for travel, and every need possible! Even now, after working a few months in Dermatology, I am more motivated and inspired to better care for myself and my skin.

If you don't already know, the skin is our largest organ. Crazy to think about right? Because when we think "organs," we think of internal body parts. However, the skin is the most helpful part of our body.


Fun facts about our skin:

1) Protection: It's the first thing exposed to the world! It protects us from practically everything. It's also the first layer of immunity so it's important to ensure you keep your skin intact and moisturized.

2) Food Affects Skin: What we put into our bodies will show on the outside. Remember, the body's organ systems are all interconnected. Maintaining well-balanced diet and water consumption will maintain your skin's balance and protection.

3) Not all skin is created equal: Everyone's skin is made differently. Factors such as genetics, environment, levels of nurture, exposure to external factors all play a vital role. It's important you have an understanding of how your skin functions so that you can take care of it.

Need I say more? Here's more information regarding skin to feed your curiousity!


Know Your Skin Type

Now that we know a thing or two about skin, it's important to understand skin type. There are different types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Sensitive, and Combination. My skin type is Normal to Dry with a hint of sensitivity. The more you understand how your skin functions, the easier it will be to care for it.

Unsure what your skin type is? I'd recommend researching and reading up on important details about your skin. Check here for more information on your potential skin type!


Down below you will find my skincare items for every occasion, which also includes food. These are the ones I've found very effective over the last few years. Feel free to see what's ahead!

Skin Care in the Morning

My morning skincare items!

Here are the products I use in the morning:

1) Elf Daily Moisturizer or Embyollise Face Cream

I like using these as a base moisturizer for my face. It helps "prep" my face prior to other moisturizers so it glides on smoother. I also have dry skin after I rinse my face so it adds an extra boost! The Elf one is for daily use and the Embyollise is a great makeup base moisturizer! It helps prime and moisturize so I recommend both of these.

2) Botanics Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

I use this as an added moisturizer and some sun protection for daily wear! It's a little on the oilier side because it's extra moisturizing, so if you're an oily skin kind of guy/gal, I would encourage you to use one that is mattifying (there is one available btw!)

3) Aveeno Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

This one is added on as the last moisturizing boost and also sun protection. I have been more proactive in protecting my skin, especially my face, from harmful sun rays so this is great to use.

**Fun Fact: If you're looking for sun protectant, look for sunscreens that are Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide based. They're mineral based sunscreens and won't harm the waters!**

4) Vaseline

This product is great for literally every need. I use this to moisturize any dry spots or my lips. Super great to have for every need!

5) Bodily Lotion

I moisturize daily before work or going out. I typically use Victoria's Secret or other lightly fragrance lotions to help upkeep moisturization. It keeps my skin moisturized, I feel like I smell good (I have a fear of being stinky), and it prevents dry skin.

Skin Care at Night

My nightly skincare! (Face wash & scrub not pictured)

(Showering) Silicone Face Scrub + Nature Republic Face Wash

It's important to clean your face at night to get rid of any bacteria, toxins, and dirt from the face before bed. Think of your face as an empty palette and when you have extra layer of nastiness, it's harder for your skin to promote healing and moisturization.

1) Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner

I love using this after I shower! It helps set the face, removes any residue and ickiness from the face. It helps minimize pores and prevents any additional clogging from oil/sebum, dirt, and anything that wants to infiltrate your skin. Highly recommend!

2) Colourpop Matcha Milk

I like using this to reduce redness from my face. I am also a matcha lover and love the magical benefits that matcha provides to your skin. It also helps prevent a more tired-look that we can get if we're not getting enough sleep or always busy with school/work/life.

3) Elf Squalene or Elizavecca Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I tend to alternate between these two products because they both add an extra plump of moisture and glowiness to the skin. Also both products promote regenerative skin and adds a beautiful glow. Bare in mind you will get a sticky-like sensation after using it on the face but it feels great and extra plumpiness is always nice, especially at night.

4) St. Ives Collagen Moisturizing Cream

I like using this because of its added benefits of collagen and moisture. I like this because it helps lock in everything that we used and gives the skin a nice tacky feel. Also it helps your skin at night to grow and feel better.

5) Elf Coconut Mist

Similar to setting your makeup with a setting mist, this helps set your skincare in place! Coconut is beneficial to those with dry skin so if you are an oily skin gal, I'd suggest using something lighter and less heavy on the skin.

6) Castor Oil for lashes and brows

I use a cold-pressed, unrefined Castor Oil and it helps keep the lash and brow hairs lubricated and healthy. If you're someone who wears brow product or mascara on the daily, this will add a little life to your lashes and brows.

7) Vaseline

My go to for everything! I use it on dry patches around my nose and my lips to reduce my lips from getting chapped.

8) Bodily Lotion

I'll alternate between Vaseline Shea Cocoa Gel, which will keep the skin greasy and moisturized! It helps with any stretching skin too, which is common for me because I do work out and it's common to see stretch marks. Any any bodily lotion such as Vaseline or Aveeno body lotions at night to keep my skin intact.

Weekly Skin Care Items

Weekly face items! (Masks not pictured)

1) Elizavecca Charcoal Bubble Clay Mask

I like to use this on a weekly basis. It's basically a clay mask that bubbles up and it feels so cool! The charcoal helps with impurities in the skin and has been a great addition to my skincare line, which I also highly recommend.

2) Skin Food Exfoliating Masks - Rice or Sugar Scrubs

Exfoliating your skin is great to remove any dead skin and dirt from the face. I usually use these on a weekly basis and alternating between the two. It helps keep my skin refreshed and if you're looking for an exfoliating product, keep it gentle and nonabrasive.

3) Moisturizing Face Sheet/Mask

These aren't pictured, but any moisturizing face mask for any purpose (brightening, hydrating, pore-reducing, etc.) are all ones I like to use! These are great to use after you exfoliate and shower so you can add a boost of good stuff to your face

Skin Care for Travel

Skincare when I travel!

(Before Shower) Bliss Makeup Remover Balm

I like using this liquid balm to remove all makeup and residue on my face. This is great to use to reduce makeup wipes and litter. Overall I enjoy the easiness of this product and the effectiveness it has on removing my makeup before I shower.

1) Elf Toner Balm

Whenever I'm traveling or on the go, I try to reduce how many liquids and other items I bring because it can reduce how much you carry. Similar to regular liquid toner, this is a toner balm and works just the same. I've been using this for months now and it works well for travel!

2) Elizavecca Hyaluronic Acid Serum

As stated before, this is great to add moisture and a "glow" to your face. It's great to use before bed and is perfect for travel.

3) Embyollise Face Cream

This works well for overnight if I need extra boost of moisture. Since i'm travelling and on the go, this is great to add to my travel bag and works for morning and night.

4) St. Ives Collagen Cream in a small jar

I use this routinely and it truly adds a beautiful glow to the face at night! I thoroughly enjoy this cream and I put it in a small jar for travel.

5) Elf Coconut Mist

Much like a setting mist at home, this works as a setting mist for your skincare on the go! I love it and use routinely and I enjoy that feeling knowing my skin routine is in place.

Skin Care On-the-Go

Skincare on the go! (Lip balms not pictured)

1) Colorescience Face Protection SPF 50+

Although this is not on the affordability side of the products I'm using, this is really great as a sun protectant. It's great for every day use and easy to reapply as the day goes on. It has zinc oxide and titanium oxide and it's very easy to use. Just simply brush on and go! I like these products because of the factors and I definitely see myself continue using it.

2) Facial Mist

These are great for quick pick me up. Since I do have dry skin, it's nice to rejuvenate my skin, especially in this dry Sacramento heat. Quick and easy and it can be used at any moment of the day.

3) Various lip balms/lip sticks

I have a makeup bag filled with various lipsticks, lip balms, and everything in between. I feel comfort knowing I have something on hand to use to protect my lips and face or something to quickly retouch any makeup look.

Food for your Skin

As stated before, what you put in you will get out. Here are some helpful foods that will provide you with skin benefits

Lemon Bomb Green Tea with 0% Sugar, 30% Ice and Aloe Vera

1) Green Tea(s)

Green tea is a great beneficial drink because it has antioxidants, cleans our system, and helps reduce inflammation. Green tea also helps detox any icky things in our body and can aid digestive help as well. I enjoy plain green tea, lemon green tea, mint, pomegranate, and a wide variety of other green tea mixes. Here's more information if you're interested in learning more about how wonderful green tea is!

2) Aloe Vera

I love aloe vera for its versatile properities. You can eat it, you can use it as part of your skincare routine, and it's great for very mild sunburns or burns. It's also very juicy and hydrating and goes very well with green tea (look above). So together, these two make a pretty awesome combo. Here's more information about the health benefits of aloe vera as well!

3) Vitamin Rich Foods

It's important to know that what we put in our bodies can ultimately reflect on the outside. Be sure to know your macronutrients and micronutrients. We often forget and neglect these important factors so be sure to know what you're not eating enough of or what you're eating too much of. If you need some food inspiration, check here for my power smoothie! It's filled with great nutrient-enriched ingredients that are great for your digestive and skin health.

4) Water!

Seriously, uptake on that water. Water helps every organ in our system and most importantly our skin. We lose water through sweat and waste removal. If you struggle with intaking water, I recommend purchasing a water bottle that reminds you to drink water every hour. Or track your water intake with apps! There are so many ways to monitor our health, I encourage you to find something that fits your needs.


My Choice in Skin Care Items

1) Affordability

Let's stay bougie on a budget! Majority of my items range from $5-$15, with an exception of a couple products. If you're struggling to find the right product, use samples of it. Skincare does not mean spending hundreds of dollars to maintain skin health, but it truly is an investment and it's an investment worth spending on.

2) Vegan/Cruelty Free

Not all of my products are in this range, but it's a huge bonus if it is! I like the idea of using natural products and products that cooperate with my skin type. Do your research and see what ingredients are in the things you use everyday. If you have concerns about something you're unsure of, educate yourself. Take it as an opportunity to learn and see what products best fit you.

3) Korean Skin Care

I mean it when I say that Korean Skincare products are really good. Many of the products I use are Korean-based and it's because they've done the research and work. Korean skincare focuses on a youthful look, staying dewy and glowy, and keeping the skin plump. I really enjoy their products and I am still in search of more things to try.

4) It works!

Honestly, it all works. I've used most of my products for a few years and months. I found that these all work very well. I am still very open to trying new things, but until then, I am staying bougie on a budget.


General Tips On Skin Care

1) Research!

Like I said earlier, do your research and educate yourself. Know your skin type, know what's in your products, if it's legitimate, and if people like it too. You don't want to splurge money on products that fail. However, definitely invest your time and money in things that show great results.

2) Inside then Out, Outside then In

What you eat will show on the outside and we often forget that. Remember tha tour bodies are interconnected and what we do, how we feel, what we eat, and what we do on a daily basis accumulates and can show on our skin.

3) Seek Additional Help

If you can't find the right answers on your own, seek a professional! Speak to a dermatologist, an esthetician, or someone who works professionally in skincare for more information. If you're starting on this journey, it's okay to ask someone for advice.

4) Look Good, Feel Good

Lastly, when your skin feels good, you feel good, then you look good. It can add a boost of confidence, add an extra step in your life, and overall make you feel better. So go for it and take care of your skin today!


THANK YOU for taking time to look through this EXTENSIVELY LONG blog! I hope this inspired your or helped you with your skin care. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need more ideas and inspo!

Much Love,

Sienna N.

Aug. 20, 2019


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