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Positive | Persistent | Proactive

Hi Hello!

My name is Sienna and this is my website!

I am a graduate from CSU Sacramento, Class of 2017, with a B.S. in Health Sciences with a concentration in Community Health Education. I love all things health, service, and pink!

I am a dog mom to Charlie the Shorkie and OG Duffy (May she rest in peace) and the eldest of 4 siblings.

I am currently pursuing a career in the medical field, a position is TBA. However, I am taking every opportunity to learn new things in this field by trying different healthcare positions, staying active in academics, and learning as much as I can. 

I do know that I want to pursue something that involves aesthetics, dermatology, and cosmetics. Additionally, I want to do work in under-served communities and help families out in my local area. Long-term goal is to work in higher education as a professor and teach medicine to future healthcare providers. Maybe own a nonprofit in the mix too. Who knows! I have so many ambitions and goals that I want to accomplish, so we will see where things go from here.

Although I am still new to the adult world, I am doing my best to stay positive, persistent, and proactive in all aspects of my life. This is my journey and I hope you join alongside me :)

Update May 1st, 2020

I was recently accepted to a nursing program at Northeastern University in Massachusetts! I am enrolled into an Accelerated BSN Program and will be done by August/September 2021. I will continuously update you all on my journey into nursing. School has began and I will be busy once again, but I will do my best to write blogs, record video podcasts, and document my journey.

Please feel free to follow along!

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