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My Everyday Health Smoothie

It's always a great day when you start on a good note. Better yet, it's even better when you start with good nutrient-packed foods. For a while now I've shared on my Instagram Story about this awesome smoothie I drink most days and I want to share my recipe with you!

Staying true to being "simple," this smoothie recipe is also simple! Here's how it goes:



>Probiotic Drink (Yakult, yogurt drink, etc.)

>Greek Yogurt (or yogurt of your choice)

>Unsweetened Almond Milk (your choice)

>Chia Seeds

>Frozen Fruits (Mixed fruits, berries, etc)

The ingredients I use for my smoothies

How to Make it:

1. Blend spinach, probiotic drink, and almond milk together. Blend until liquefied

2. Add in the other ingredients: frozen fruits, chia seeds, and yogurt. Blend to perfection

3. Put smoothie in favorite cup and enjoy!

**All ingredients are eye-balled, so it's up to you how you want to make your smoothie!**

Now I briefly mentioned super-nutrient packed. So what nutrients and benefits can you find in this smoothie?


>High in antioxidants, which aid in immunity and fighting off 'bad' toxins in your body

>Calcium, to aid in bone regeneration and construction

>1-2 servings of fruits of vegetables

>Fiber from the spinach! And some Vitamin A!

>Protein from Greek yogurt, which is also great for post-workouts and keeping you full

>Chia seeds which are jam-packed with even more antioxidants and nutrients

>Improved digestive health! What you put in your system, you will see how it affects you physically!

>Delicious! Who knew eating healthy could be good and good for you too!


I highly recommend unsweetened almond milk and low sugar yogurts because of the sugar content. Stick to natural sugars from your fruits if possible!

Feel free to try it out yourselves for a few days and see how it changes your bodily systems and overall well-being. Fiddle around and experiment with it! This is my personal recipe, but that does not mean it's the only recipe. Let me know how it works for you!

Stay happy and stay healthy!

Much Love,

Sienna N.

May 1st, 2019

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