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To My Younger Self…

This is an open-letter to my younger self, who consistently worked hard for what she wanted, but had a huge fear of the unknown.


Disclaimer: All writings are my own thoughts and opinions and should not be taken as matter of fact. All findings are from my own personal experiences. Again, all blogs are written and made by me and used as a way to express my own thoughts, opinions, and views. Thank you for checking it out.


To my younger self,

It’s the end of 2021, and you accomplished a lot in such a short time. Age is but a number, and nothing will ever replace the experiences you endured up to this point. You continue to push boundaries - personally and professionally - and grow into one amazing, astounding young woman.

Every so often, you questioned your life path and wondered what life had in store for you, if you made the right choices. You believed that staying in Sacramento was meant for you, since you did not have the opportunity to move away until fairly recently. You thought that your post-grad life would land you in Sacramento forever, eagerly hoping for potential schools within the area. And yet, that did not happen; you opened your wings and soared into new cities. Your inner child had a chance to live on the East Coast, in Boston, Massachusetts. You explored different states and cities beyond your own imagination. You met wonderful people who continue to impact you and your career choices. You learned, through and through, that distance truly makes the heart grow fonder. Without moving away, you would not have understood what it meant to live on your own or be more independent than before. Without hesitation, you cooked, cleaned, took care of a puppy, handled your own finances, learned various life skills, and developed a strong sense of independence one cannot gain whilst living at home. It was through these minute challenges, you experienced exponential growth. Now, you currently reside in San Francisco, CA, enduring a new chapter in your adult life.

Throughout the years, you worked endlessly to get into a post-graduate school. You worked full-time and part-time, in different job positions, while taking classes in between. Your endless driving, commuting, and traveling to get where you needed to be - though no one saw, showed your earnest desire to get where you needed to go (literally). You faced rejection after rejection, with a glimpse of hope of getting in. The anxiety you felt each and every moment after submitting a graduate application, only hoping for good news. But alas, no good news ever made its way. In the end, you realized that a school’s rejection did not define you as a person or potential student. Rather, you learned that these obstacles only set you on an even better path. You finally received an acceptance and continued to make the most out of your experiences. You stayed positive and persistent; it is through your actions and attitude that made you shine, and these personality traits make you a memorable person. And now, look at you - you’re finally here! You’re officially a registered nurse - a career path you never saw yourself pursuing, but ended up loving and continue to grow in. The job hunt has begun, but you know that whatever is meant to be will be waiting for you.

Despite these challenges and shortcomings, you continue to outdo yourself and pick yourself up without doubt or hesitation. Your fiery ambition peaks up whenever you feel inspired or need to get amped up, knowing that these halts are only a stepping stone in the right direction. You are brave, courageous, and more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Currently, you refuse to hold back and refuse to let anyone diminish your hard work or capabilities. You have always been your greatest cheerleader, and you continue to stay headstrong no matter what. You should be so proud of yourself!

Even so, you learned that despite your new nursing title, you are still you - you will always be Sienna. You are someone who enjoys different things and has many hobbies. You know that you are not defined by titles or positions. You choose to limit the ego-boost these titles induce, because you know there are people who use leadership as a power hold. Instead, you learned to take ownership of who you are, and you define what it means to be yourself, without letting these titles control you. You continue to grow and prove to yourself time and time again that being yourself is a wholesome and fulfilling thing. There is no other you in the world, and you embody that everyday.

2022 is just around the corner. Your fear of the unknown has subsided. You know that whatever happens, will happen. Things will work out for you as you intend it to. Right now, you manifest good energy, positive thoughts, and kind words to yourself and anyone you meet. You realize that kindness goes a long way. Even when people choose to be less sincere or supportive of you, you still send them good thoughts anyway, because you realize they need kindness more than anyone.

Knock out any challenge that comes your way! You are meant to be where you will need to be. Have faith, believe in yourself, trust the process, work hard & play hard, and remember that the work grind never stops. You are only moving up from here! Congratulations on your accomplishments, and cheers to new ones. Happy New Year ❤️

Much Love,

Sienna N.

December 29, 2021

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