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Online Learning + Nursing School Tips & Tricks

With many students going back to school, we are entering a time of remote learning. Many of us also chose to pursue nursing in the midst of a pandemic - props to you! Nurses and healthcare providers are needed more than ever! However, much like anything else in this world, remote learning poses some challenges. A majority of us seek new and innovative ways to keep learning, while adjusting to new times.

If you or someone you know is struggling during this critical time, you are not alone! In today's blog, we will go over some tips & tricks to help you succeed! Of course if you have your own methods, please feel free to share! The more the merrier, and we're all here to support each other during this crucial time.


Disclaimer: I am a current nursing student and I am entering my 2nd of 4 semesters in my Accelerated Nursing Program. My advice and experience are things I found helpful from my time in college and nursing school. I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach so I incorporate my advice and advice from mentors in my own learning.

Feel free to utilize any information to help you succeed!


Tips & Tricks

1. Get Organized - Plain and Simple

  • Utilize your resources: calendars / planners / whatever you need to organize

  • (Mostly) everything is online now, so do what you can to be ahead

  • Unless you have good rapport with your classmates & professors (or if you have roommates) - you'll need to be accountable for yourself

  • **Find an organizing system that works for YOU**

2. Know What You Need

  • What school supplies / textbooks are required for your course work?

    • Can also include online resources / lab material / etc.

  • Remember shipping times are delayed! Plan ahead if possible

3. If you're a procrastinator - be smart about procrastinating

  • See what can be knocked out sooner than later

  • Remember short-term versus long-term progress

4. Practice self-efficacy - this means be self-efficient - YOU are accountable for YOU!

  • Read the syllabus - read that statement again

    • >>> The syllabus is your holy bible for each class

    • >>> Usually has important test dates, due dates, grade percentages, and more!

    • >>> Be sure to utilize it to its maximum ability!

  • Check resources BEFORE asking questions

    • >>> As nurses you'll want to use your resources and ask for help if you're in dire need of it

      • Ask for help!

  • "Check yourself before your wreck yourself"

5. Know your learning style - adjust as needed

  • Are you a Visual / Kinesthetic / Auditory learner?

  • Knowing your learning style will greatly benefit you - you can tackle coursework easier

  • Adjust as needed! Most educators usually incorporate all types of learning styles, but not always

    • >>> Get creative if you need to!

  • Resource:

6. Get Technical with Technology!

  • Dual Screen - if you have the means, invest in another screen! Easier to multitask, easier for Zoom meetings.

    • >>> TRUST ME. You'll want this in your life

  • BLUE LIGHT GLASSES / FILTERS - save your eyes!!

    • >>> Blue/White lights can cause eye strain - since we're on our electronics for longer periods of time, you'll need this

    • >>> TRUST ME.

  • Improvise and make a standing desk - if you hate sitting for long periods of time like me

    • >>> You can use textbooks, boxes, or whatever is available!

    • >>> Get creative

7. Treat it like a normal work/school day

  • Look good feel good - do what makes you feel confident and ready to tackle the day!

  • It's an adjustment, but the battle is sometimes more mental than it is physical

    • >>> Physical too! Be sure you're getting your rest!

8. Separate Work Space and Comfort Space

  • When you compartmentalize your work space to your work space, your comfort space will let you rest and relax

  • Especially for remote work and learning - having your own space can be very beneficial

  • If this is not available, do the best you can to make a space simply for work away and keep it away from your comfort space

9. Feeling Stressed / Feeling Overwhelmed

  • It's okay to not be okay

    • >>> Learn to accept your feelings, understand them - FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS

  • Find something to destress with

    • >>> Hobbies are okay! Incorporate hobbies in your schedule

    • >>> Too "school-focused" is not good for your brain or your overall health

  • Don't use breaks as rewards - incorporate breaks in your school schedule

    • >>> Rewards are REWARDS

    • >>> Treat yourself occasionally for working hard!

    • >>> Or if you're feeling down, a pick-me up is great too!

  • Stress is okay - the good stress - eustress!

    • Eustress can motivate you to keep going because you're highly inspired and ready to keep going

  • Bad stress is not okay - the uncontrollable, emotionally forceful stress

    • >>> Let all of your feelings out - cry it out / talk to someone / vent / WHATEVER YOU NEED do it!

  • **Seek help if you're thinking about self-harm, wanting to harm someone, and/or in the process of doing so**

  • Find your homeostasis in life

10. Grades do not define you, nor do they determine your success in life

  • Do the best you can and no one can knock you down for it!

  • How you treat others, your ability to learn, your desire to grow, your humility, and your overall character will take you farther than an "A" in any class

  • Better to be an "average student" but a great human being

  • NOT GREAT to be an all-A-student AND an A**-Hole too

11. Read before signing ANYTHING

  • With so many things going on, it's important to read your documents before signing to ensure you are not signing something you cannot get out of

  • COVID-19 clauses - are they included in your lease agreements? Your learning curriculum?


  • Get things in writing!

    • >>> Things said verbatim can easily change

    • >>> If it's not documented, it did not happen!

12. Be Flexible!

  • We're in a pandemic / an election year / social changes - there's literally a lot of stuff going on at once here

  • Things can change instantly!

13. Work Smarter & Harder

  • Maximize your work efficiency by working SMART & HARD

  • Examples:

  • Search in group messages/class work for keywords/texts

    • >>> Utilize available resources from school - if you don't know how to locate something, the search bar can be a very handy tool!

    • >>> Get "tech savvy" - learn shortcuts, bookmark tabs - utilize technology to your advantage

    • >>> There will always be opportunities to learn something!

  • Check out my Vlog/Podcast on how you can work smarter & harder in your life!

14. Time Maximization

  • Maximize your time - How can you make the most out of your 24 hours?

  • Plan ahead! Sometimes planning will enhance your ability to scope out your schedule

    • >>> Failing to plan is planning to fail

  • Fun Tip: Check your phone to see how many hours you spend on certain apps!

    • Will this make you rethink how often you're on your phone?

15. The journey is part of the destination

  • If you do not like what you're doing now, you'll probably hate it more when you get there

  • Appreciate how far you've come

  • Count your blessings before you count your problems

    • >>> Gratitude is the best attitude

  • Take it day by day versus month by month or even year by year


Honorable Mention: Self-Care is ALWAYS best care! So do it!


I hope you find these tips & tricks helpful in your success in online learning & nursing school! Part of the battle is getting in, so make the most of your time now that you're finally where you want to be.

Good luck to you this school year! I wish you nothing but great success in your journey!

Much Love,

Sienna N.

September 9th, 2020


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