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Why I Started A Blog Page

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

After a year of working, procrastination, and deliberation, I've created a website where I can officially 'brand' myself, blog about different topics, and make a statement online. But, for my fellow viewers, why am I starting this now, at this point in my life? Here's why:

1. Branding

In an age where everything is online, I wanted to create a page for myself where I can showcase any projects, topics, and ideas that come to mind. I hope to share ideas with other fellow viewers. I also want to focus on my own personal brand that encompasses health, mentorship, service, tips, and much more.

2. Tips & Tricks

Although I am still new to the adult world, I hope to share my experiences with other people in my age group and younger. I want to provide mentorship to people who are still uncertain about college, real life, work, and other topics. I also want to present myself as a personable and relatable person and offer advice when I can.

3. Education

I enjoy learning! And as weird as that sounds, learning keeps my brain active, keeps me aware, and keeps me engaged. Learning does not always mean 'classroom' setting - I learn from my travels to other cities and countries, peers, people of all ages, my work field, and fun research on the internet. My brain seeks new ideas and topics each day, so don't freak out if you catch me 'googling' something!

4. For Fun!

As an adult, we need hobbies. Quite frankly, going to work, home, school, and a boring regimen is not my style. I enjoy having a set schedule, but not a strict routine. Flexibility is tougher for me, but I will make do as needed. This blog page gives me a project to work on for me, from me, by me, and all of me (mostly).

So that's where I am in life - always pursuing something and creating. I'll keep sharing and posting as often as I can and provide any helpful advice to you fellow viewers. Stay tuned for more! I'll keep y'all updated!

Much Love,

Sienna N.

April 23rd, 2019

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