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2019: One-Third Reflections

Hats off to a happy May 1st!

We've officially hit the 1/3 mark of 2019. It's crazy to think how fast time moves when you're busy work grinding and enjoying life. I will admit though, it's truly been a humbling and busy journey this year, but I am so grateful for everything's that's happened thus far. I've experienced some of the highest highs, but also some of the lowest lows. Even with my lows, I found a way to pick myself up and remind myself that these bumps on the road will only make me stronger - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

There are multiple things coming up: Grad School applications, post-bacc programs, new opportunities for jobs and leadership, travel, and other plans. However I've been conditioned to expect the worst and the best. The past few months taught me that if I really want something, even if I feel unqualified, I should apply for it anyway. So far it's worked, it's been tough, but it's been great. 2019, you've been so awfully great. You've paved my journey and I can only show gratitude and appreciation for everything. Each month taught me different lessons too.

January: Renewal

I experienced so many great things this month:

-Traveled to Seattle

-A chance to interview at a graduate school

-Traveled and celebrated with my family

-Felt refreshed! Like I pressed the reset button on life

After a tough 2018, January gave me a renewing feeling that even with a bad chapter, the next one can be even better

February: Refining

This month taught me to take what I have and be more refined and hone down my skills:

-Rejections from graduate school

-Improvements on interview skills and applications

-Endlessly applying for programs left and right

-Harnessing my negative energy, turning it into being proactive

-Entering my 24th year in life, attending concerts for fun

I found myself enjoying more of life and that rejections do not define me. How I get out of it defines my character and my pathway to success

March: Rough

After a great couple months, this month generally sucked in every way:

-Work, school, life, health balance thrown off

-Feeling very negative about my mental and physical health

-Underwhelmed about my abilities and skills after applying for different jobs and schools

-Enjoying the busy life but disliking my ability to balance it all

Once March ended, I was so relieved and ready to battle the upcoming month with better strategy and planning

April: Redemption

I realized that March was terrible, but I wanted to redeem myself and tell myself that I can fix my schedule and adjust my balance

-Experienced new opportunities for interviews and jobs

-Better planning and execution of goals

-Finally seeing my hard work lead to new results

-Changing my mindset and understanding that I am in control of what I do

I'm happy to end April on such a high note with new opportunities in my work field and better study habits and scheduling.

I'm ready for May. I have different goals and ambitions this upcoming month. With a new job under my belt in a field that I thoroughly enjoy, I cannot wait to see where this journey will go.

I encourage you, my fellow viewer, to self-reflect and see how far you've come. 2019 is 1/3 done and you've already accomplished so much in such short time. I hope you find appreciation and happiness in this journey too. Let's keep tackling the rest of 2019!

Stay Happy and Stay Healthy :)

Much Love,

Sienna N.

May 1st, 2019

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